AXLE Article

AXLE Technology Opens the Doors to Intentional Creativity in Acquisition Strategies Fill out the form to get the report! With AXLE’s custom buying center websites, dealers can choose from existing wireframes or create a completely new design to engage consumers during the trade-in process. AXLE uses TradeVue’s hyper-accurate market data, a proprietary valuation engine, to […]

CDP Report

Automotive CDP Research Report

Need Help Navigating First-Party Data Management? Fill out the form to get the report! Today, average franchise dealers have their customer journey touchpoints spread across a dozen different companies which do not communicate with each other. CDP companies are working towards developing an all-encompassing first-party management solution. Brian Pasch has created a dealership manager’s guide […] Product Review

DVAs Help Dealers Increase Operational Efficiency, Profits, and Retention Fill out the form to get the report! is a perfect, economical solution to fill the gap and increase customer satisfaction by efficiently booking the appointment the customer wants in minutes. This frees up BDC staff to handle the more complex service calls and complete […]

ASC Specification

Comprehensive, Universal Event Tracking to See Consumers True Behavior on Automotive Dealerships Websites With over 80 contributing members, the Automotive Standards Council has banded together to create the current version (1.0) of the specification. Containing 36 named events and over 50 parameters that are perfectly designed to accommodate the needs of automotive, RV, marine, and […]

Google SEM Report

The Latest Automotive SEM Framework is Here Get Ready to Improve Your ROAS Search Engine Marketing continues to get more expensive to generate a sales opportunity, yet auto dealers do not have the data to optimize their campaign strategies. WANT TO LEARN MORE BEYOND THE REPORT? See Related Resources What’s Inside: Defined list of Hard […]