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In a world where the competition among automotive and RV retailers is fierce, imagine the sheer power of increasing call connections by 30-60%. Explore the findings of what two underutilized, yet impactful technologies can bring to your dealership.

Two Products,
One Effective Platform

Caller Name Optimization


Proper registration and monitoring of each outbound line on all major phone carriers

24/7 monitoring against negative tags like “spam” or “telemarketer” possible thanks to trusted relationships TransUnion has with telco carriers.

CNO, is a managed service, which monitors all lines 24×7 and as soon as any line is flagged with a negative status, we proactively investigate the problem and notify you. 

Branded Call Display


Displays caller name with reach of 280M+ mobile devices – available now

Displays calling features such as logo and call reason – available soon

Branded call display coverage




Body Shop


Experiences vary based on mobile operator and device capabilities

Branded call display coverage

Why Should Your Dealership Consider Implementing?

Most consumers who express interest online expect a follow-up call shortly after submitting the lead on your website

However, 67% of calls from unidentified numbers are ignored, resulting in a high volume of lost leads for dealerships

Introducing branded features like dealership name, logo, and call purpose can heavily increase call connections on initial ring

Performance Lift:

External Industry Examples

Trusted Call Solutions have demonstrated significant impact in numerous sectors, accentuating just how underutilized this technology has been in automotive retail. The absence of trusted call solutions has affected lead conversion and appointment setting rates. Here are examples of the performance lift when a trusted call solutions platform is harnessed by the BDC, sales agents, and/or call centers in different industries.

Answer rate improvements


Financial Lender


Insurance Provider


National Retailer


Opinions & Surveys


Rideshare Service

Expected Impact on the Automotive Industry

Away with Wrongful Spam & Block Labeling

Mobile devices historically have not supported caller ID without a 3rd party application. The Trusted Call Solution delivers branded calling and protects legitimate enterprise calls from being mislabeled or blocked

Significantly Enhance Sale Outcomes

A 30-60% boost in call connections can greatly sway sales results. For some dealers, this surge could reach 70-100%, highlighting the immense value of Trusted Call Solutions.

CRM & Telephony Platforms Need to Support Call Reason

Enabling Call Reason

To enable call reason, agents should be able to select from a dropdown of named outbound phone numbers in the CRM when making a call

Controlling Labeling & Registration

The labeling and registration of the outbound phone numbers is NOT controlled by your phone switch. It is completed by the Trusted Call Solutions platform and monitored 24×7

Each outbound phone number is labeled and registered with all major phone carriers with the dealership name, logo, and call reason tag

CRM Functionality Enhancements

The first CRM platform that allows a dropdown list of phone numbers with their labels will win more business from dealers

CRM platforms can automate first-call matching to lead sources, reducing dropdown clicks and boosting call connections with branded displays and call reason. 

Still Skeptical?

Explore compelling data revealing how Trusted Call Solutions can impact and benefit your dealerships ability to connect with prospective customers

Getting Started with Trusted Call Solutions

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How You Are Measuring Call Answer Rates and the Best Measuring Practices


Determine If Your CRM Can Trigger Specific Outbound Lines For Different Lead Sources


Dealership Leaders Need To Rethink Outbound Calling Strategies


Double Your Automotive BDC Outbound Answer Rates


Trusted Call Solutions Will Redefine BDC Performance Metrics


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Understanding Software Licensing Costs

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