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AXLE Delivers a Turnkey Car Buying Center Experience Which Dealers Love

Increasing Consumer Direct Used Car Purchases

When wholesale used car prices are elevated dealers need to consider alternative strategies to acquire late-model used cars that can generate a profit when resold. In the past, dealers have resorted to adding tools on their website to offer cash offers to local consumers, but the lead volume has been less than idea. Dealers who have invested in an intentional car buying strategy are turning to the AXLE dedicated buying center platform, and in this article we cover two dealer groups that are having great success with a dedicated microsite strategy.

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AXLE Technology Opens the Doors to Intentional Creativity in Acquisition Strategies

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With AXLE’s custom buying center websites, dealers can choose from existing wireframes or create a completely new design to engage consumers during the trade-in process. AXLE uses TradeVue’s hyper-accurate market data, a proprietary valuation engine, to provide on-page appraisals in under 60 seconds, resulting in accurate quotations and profitable trades. Dealers are pleased with the results and often want to increase their marketing budgets due to the attractive cost per acquisition.

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