The Rise of CDPs in Automotive Retail

Securing, Managing, and Activating First-Party Data

Brian Pasch’s comprehensive research project uncovers why dealers need to develop an omni-channel customer database that acts as a single source of truth for each consumer in their portfolio. A robust CDP will have the ability to feed audiences into Marketing Automation Platforms to deliver more effective and efficient outcomes for the dealership’s bottom line and to create a superior customer experience including website personalization, one-to-one messaging, and personalized offers.


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Today, average franchise dealers have their customer journey touchpoints spread across a dozen different companies which do not communicate with each other. CDP companies are working towards developing an all-encompassing first-party management solution. Brian Pasch has created a dealership manager’s guide to discovering the ideal CDP Partner for your dealership!

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August 20, 2021




Search Engine Marketing continues to get more expensive to generate a sales opportunity, yet auto dealers do not have the data to optimize their campaign strategies.

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