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Each year, our research team publishes independent research reports as well as sponsored reports each year. Companies choosing the Pasch Group for research have found the quality of content development, industry insights, and product feedback to be a valuable part of the research engagement. Research reports open new opportunities to connect with decision-makers in automotive retail through the marketing efforts of the Pasch Group which include social media marketing, event marketing, and our popular industry newsletter.

Consulting Services

The Pasch Group offers a wide range of consulting services for dealers, dealer groups, OEMs, and members of the automotive technology industry. Each engagement is customized for the specific opportunity. Past engagements with dealers and dealer groups have included: creating efficient sales processes, designing modern retailing workflows, upgrading customer experience, and auditing of marketing investments. Past engagements for members of the vendor community include product development, marketing research, product positioning, and product marketing. OEM consulting projects can be shared with potential customers after a mutual NDA is signed.

Digital Marketing Services

Managed by the experts at PCG Digital

For 18 years, PCG Digital has been a partner with dealers and dealer groups on their digital marketing strategy and has acted in their best interest as a trusted activation partner. Dealers who are looking for personalized marketing services that are not shared with their local competitors, otherwise common in OEM programs, can confidently reach out to our agency leaders for a review of our advanced marketing platforms and to learn about our ability to activate campaigns based on the dealer group’s CDP platform. Dealership clients can choose between turnkey marketing services or co-management marketing execution; all options are on the table.

On-Site Training

The Pasch Group offers on-site training services which are customized to the needs of the dealership. Training can range from sales process, modern retailing mindsets, digital marketing skills building, management training, or first-party data management.

Online Training

Based on our in-depth interaction with hundreds of dealerships, our experienced team has developed a number of online training courses that can help dealers build the skills of their staff while keeping costs contained. Visit our training website to see all the current offerings for online education or contact us for the opportunity to develop customized training programs for your team.

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At the core of our mission is the pursuit of automotive innovation and excellence. We strive to empower our clients with strategic insights and effective solutions, leveraging the combined strengths of our consulting, research, and technology assessment services along with our digital marketing and educational subsidiaries. Our goal is to drive success for automotive manufacturers, dealers, and technology companies in a rapidly evolving industry.

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