Leadership & Manager Training for Leading High Performance Teams

Impact Leadership Training Course

Unlock your team’s potential by equipping yourself with strategic leadership skills that turn challenges into opportunities for growth.

A successful business or team starts with well-prepared leaders

Avoid Common Pitfalls We See Too Often:

Many leaders are thrust into their roles without the necessary tools for success, leading to challenges like fluctuating sales cycles, high employee turnover, and daily operational stress.

Plan for the Path Forward:

Discover how strategic planning, training, and accountability are key to overcoming obstacles and achieving consistent performance.

Effective Leadership Training Could Result In:

Enhancements In:

Structured Employee Systems

Modern Leadership Techniques

Employee Behavior & Efficiency

Reduction In:

Employee Turnover

Daily Operational Stress

Fluctuating Sales Cycles

Find the Training Solution That Suits Your Needs

We’ve crafted three dynamic solutions designed to cultivate the leaders your team aspires to become:


Online Training

Interactive Video Series

Engage with a comprehensive series of lessons

Progress Workbook

Track growth and milestones with a dedicated workbook


Remote Training Sessions

Flexible Formats

Choose from individual, team sessions, or a mix of both

Visible Progress

Monitor improvement through documented feedback, reinforcing the value of your investment.


In-Person Workshop

Immersive Collaboration

Opt for an offsite location to minimize distractions and maximize learning in this one-day intensive.

Sustained Support

Benefit from remote follow-up training to ensure effective implementation of learned skills.

Training Course Highlights

Practical Role-Play

Engage in role-playing scenarios to practice and perfect new leadership techniques in a hands-on format.

Positive Accountability

Learn the skills to lead with a focus on positive outcomes and accountability for stronger employee support.

Customized Content

Tailor workshop content to address the specific daily challenges and dynamics of your team.

Course Details

Lessons in this Course

Your Skills

Lesson 01

• Promoted From Within
• Hired From Outside
• The First 30 days

• Basic Tools of Leadership
• Personal Accountability
• One on One Coaching Process

Your Team

Lesson 02

• The 4 Pillars of Success
• 5 C’s of High Performing Teams
• Communication Styles

• Initial Training
• Ongoing Development
• Setting Goals

Your Process

Lesson 03

• Training Strategies
• Day to Day Planning
• Reporting to Supervisors

• Obstacles to Ongoing Success
• Installing Change
• Measuring Results

Practical Role-Play

Those who have roles responsible for direct reporting will benefit greatly from the tools and principles shared throughout this training course no matter your experience.

Benefits of this Course

Tools Included:

60 Page Workbook

Tools Included:

3 Training Format Options

Learn Your Way:

Up to 20 Participants for In-Person Workshop

Training Led By Glenn Pasch

Glenn Pasch is a seasoned leader and marketing expert with over 13 years of experience in guiding the team at PCG Digital

CEO of PCG Digital

Host of You’re In Charge Podcast

International Speaker

Testimonials from Past Students

“I now realize some of my management techniques were hurting my team, not helping them.”

Aurora Castilla

Marketing Manager

“This was an education I didn’t expect. It showed me a lot of pitfalls with my own management while providing insights and strategies to escalate my team.”

David Sanders

Client Support Director

“The tools and processes outlined in the workshop transcend to any industry and are beneficial to any leader or soon to be a leader in any organization.”

Greg Petro

Operations Executive

Make an impact on your leadership skills

By integrating the Impact Leadership approach, managers will guide their teams toward continuous progress, ensuring consistent results and a culture of success.